Where is Park & Wash | Parking Treviso Airport situated?

–  From Treviso or from the Treviso bypass (coming from the A4-A27 highway or from Venice):
follow the directions for Treviso Airport. At the roundabout with access to the “Noalese” state road, follow the directions for the airport / Padova. We are situated 50 m after the roundabout exit, on the left, 300 m before Treviso Airport.


– Noalese” state road (coming from Padua):
ollow the directions for Treviso. Drive 300 m beyond Treviso Airport, we are situated 50 m before the roundabout with access to the Treviso bypass on the right.


– How to reach Treviso Canova Airport from our premises:
Treviso Canova Airport (TSF) can be easily reached by walking along the pavement lining the “Noalese” state road, without having to make any dangerous crossing. The entrance to the airport is 300 m away.

How far is the parking lot from the airport?

You can reach the parking lot by sidewalk within 4 minutes.

You can reach the parking lot by car within 1 minute.

Are the park and cars covered?

No, only outdoor and uncovered park.

Do I have to leave my car keys at the car park?

Yes, you have to leave car keys with the vehicle for security reasons and a better organization of the service. Car won’t be driven outside of the park. On arrival at the car park customers park their vehicle in the reception area.The vehicle will then be parked by car park staff in the allocated parking space. On their return, Customers will find their vehicle waiting to be picked up in the reception area.

There is shuttle bus service to Treviso Airport?

No, there isn’t: it’s just 300 mt of sidewalk to Treviso Airport, 5 min by walk. If you are more than one person, it’s easy to leave someone at the airport with your luggage first and after you can leave your car at our park.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Just send an email in reply to your reservation to cancel your booking. There aren’t cancellation charges or penalties.